Saving Lives with Big Data

The potential benefits of Big Data applications in the healthcare sector

Over the last 15 years, healthcare expenditures in the Netherlands have more than doubled, from over 46 million Euros in 2000 to 96 million Euros in 20161. Moreover, healthcare expenditures keep on growing. The CPB2 Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis predicts an increase in healthcare expenditures of 3.5 percent in 2018.

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Data Science: the art of winning an unfair game

The successful application of Data Science in the world of sports

In the past 15 years, data science has become an essential part during the day-to-day operations in many sports. The rise of data science in sports started in baseball and quickly reached other sports such as cycling, football, and basketball. This article discusses the application and importance of data science in sports.


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The incredible power of machine learning

I know what you are thinking!

Have you ever thought about how it would be like to have the ability to read people’s mind? Imagine that you can find out what your friends are thinking without the use of a single word. Wouldn’t it be nice to instantly know what a baby wants when it starts crying? A device that can read people’s mind would help the police to find the perpetrator of a crime in a split second. According to a research conducted by the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan it is only a matter of time until brain decoding will be introduced to the world.

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Persoonsgebonden Leasebedrag

Om de concurrentiepositie in de leasemarkt te verbeteren richten leasemaatschappijen zich voornamelijk op het realiseren van kostenbesparingen. In dit artikel wordt een mogelijke methode beschreven waarmee leasemaatschappijen data kunnen gebruiken om dit te bewerkstelligen.

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Pitfalls in Data Visualization

Data visualization is trending in data science and can help a company thrive. It can convey clear messages to shareholders who are less familiar with the data, like a company’s board. It can lead to valuable insights that help improve customer satisfaction, increase profits and improve processes. However, misinterpreting data can lead to bad decisions.  This article discusses some of the most common pitfalls in data visualization. Avoiding these pitfalls can help in clearly conveying the right message.

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